TEKWorx Limited is a hardware manufacturing and software development company. One of our primary business lines designs and manufactures hardware and software for use in flight trainers all around the world. TEKWorx Limited has worked on various projects, both hardware and software, from an entry level input encoder for the hobbyists', to complete systems for some of the top Fortune 500® companies and government agencies.


interfaceIT™ Hardware

interfaceIT™ hardware is a line of products that allow interfacing external inputs and outputs with various computer software.
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interfaceIT™ Management Console System

interfaceIT™ Management Control System (interfaceIT™ MCS) is the software that controls the generic input and output boards that customers use to interface into Flight Simulator.
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Modules

TEKWorx Limited designs and develops integration software modules to connect hardware directly to Microsoft Flight Simulator.
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Custom Software Development

TEKWorx Limited works directly with customers as well a system integrators around the world to design and develop custom software.
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